Basic points to consider when looking for a board software

Today the board of directors needs to invest in digital tools, learn best cybersecurity practices and develop the skills required to keep a company running in today’s digital world. Here are about must-have tools of the board portals.

The purpose of the board software in business

Today, without an understanding of technology trends and the readiness of companies to innovate, you can very quickly find yourself washed ashore by an ambitious technology startup that has entered your business territory with a new or new business model. Therefore, the organization’s strategic objectives are to create internal digital competence and dive into the ecosystem around you to identify new players and technology teams that can become part of your organization or value chain. In addition, these technologies play a vital role in organizing the board of directors’ activity. Today collegial bodies use a new digital solution like board management software in managing their board meetings for better productivity.

Following,13035 the system allows you to automate the meetings of boards of directors, notify about corporate events, maintain registers and absentee voting, and optimize the processes of interaction between the corporate secretary, the chairman of the board of directors, and members of the board of directors at all stages.

The board software obligatory tools

Modern board software solutions should also provide the opportunity to assist the board of directors at all levels, including allowing them to work as efficiently as possible. How exactly can such a system help in terms of the effective work of a manager? Of course, providing support for management processes, planning, and management. So, there 3 must-have options that every board software should have:

  1. Mobile interfaces

The board members are present at the workplace for a relatively short time during the working day. Therefore, to allow them to interact with the information system at any time and place, the latter must have mobile interfaces: smartphones and tablets. Moreover, since a smartphone is less convenient for working with documents, a board portal interface for a tablet must be provided for reviewing a draft document before it is agreed upon or approved in the electronic document management system.

  1. Security

A high level of information security should distinguish the system – all work in the personal account should be carried out with data protection and access control (encryption according to custom GOST/AES standards and a secure data transfer protocol), and the level of system data protection should be comparable to the banking sector. Also, it is possible to use an electronic signature according to GOST for legal significance in the system, which reduces the paperwork. From login to changes, all user activities should be logged and saved. This data can be made available to the customer upon request.

  1. Efficient document management

The personal account of a member of the board of directors provides for a quick search for information necessary for work: documents, reference data about employees, a list of organizations where the user is a member of the board of directors, with the ability to view all data about the company. Members of the board of directors are informed about the agenda of the meetings and receive materials on the issues put to the vote and the date of the meeting. In the system, it is possible to conduct in-person and absentee voting, forming a dissenting opinion. It allows them to speed up the processes of receiving and processing documents related to decision-making.

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